Jul 19, 2011

Meredith Bragg - 'Nest' Out July 19th

Meredith Bragg embraces electronica and doesn't embarrass. That's because any attempt to capture the beauty of organic instruments with mechanical, robotic means should be heavily laced with humanity. And that's exactly what Mr Bragg brings both musically and lyrically... humanity. I'm positive that many will enjoy how often his voice can resemble Death Cab's Ben Gibbard in places and even Elliott Smith in others on this new recording titled Nest.

Nest is out today on The Kora Records.
BUY it now.

Birds of North America by thekorarecords

Nest Tracklist:
Second Golden Age
Barking Dogs
Birds Of North America
Point, Line, And Plane
Lightning Tree
Next Time See
Last Hours Of Brunelleschi
One True Love
Waltz No. 3

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