Dec 9, 2011

The National: New Songs "Ryland" and "I Need My Girl"

No time to chat, or take these new songs by The National apart, just time to grab them from the net, tag 'em and post 'em. But this is good news, the band are working on new songs for the next album.

These songs were ripped from streams posted by CBC Radio's program, Q. Check the page for videos of the songs or links to youtube videos.

The National - Rylan (new song live) by

The National - I Need My Girl (new song live) by

Nov 25, 2011

Timber Timbre: "Swamp Magic" Video + More

Happy Halloween everybody south of the Canadian border! And north of the Mexican border! WHAT?! Oh, Happy Thanksgiving, I mean (wasn't that last month?). Well, then this spooky Timber Timbre video doesn't exactly fit the day now does it? What the hell, here it is anyways, since I'll be enjoying a Timber Timbre performance tonight, I've kinda got their music on my mind.

Timber Timbre - Creeep On Creepin' On by Arts & Crafts

Timber Timbre - I Get Low by La Route du Rock

Timber Timbre by bornsecular84

Timber Timbre - Demon Host by The Drift Record Shop

Nov 24, 2011

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: November 24th

           photo: colm williamson (happy birthday, Colm)

britt daniel (spoon) modern world (wolf parade cover) May 2008
damien jurado nothing is the news
richard swift whitman
gardens & villa black hills
the berg sans nipple convert the measurement
culture reject inside the cinema
little scream the heron and the fox
blackout beach beautiful burning desire
john vanderslice sea salt

Nov 22, 2011

Stream: The Black Keys: "Run Right Back"

One of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year will be under more than a few Christmas trees next month and that record is The Black Keys El Camino.

Here's another bite to get you drooling once again after "Lonely Boy" was launched as the first single.

Stream "Run Right Back".

» Launch/PopUp NPR Player

Nov 1, 2011

Tom Waits: "Chicago" Video, Stream, Lyrics

"Chicago" kicks off the wild trip that is Tom Wait's new record, Bad As Me. Chugging along on the backs of a handful of horns, the song's narrator laments the sad state of his hometown and decides to follow his woman to Chicago... where things may be better.

The seeds are planted here
But they won’t grow
We won’t have to say goodbye
If we all go
Maybe things will be better in Chicago
To leave all we’ve ever known
For a place we’ve never seen
Maybe things will be better in Chicago
Well It’s braver to stay
Even braver to go
Wherever she goes I go
Maybe things will be better in Chicago

What we need the lord will give us
All we want we carry with us
You know where I can be found
Where the rainbow hits the ground
I’m not alone
I’m not afraid
This bird has flown from his cage
There’s so much magic we have known
On this sapphire we call home
With my coat and my hat
I say goodbye to all that
Maybe things will be better in Chicago
Maybe things will be better in Chicago

Oct 23, 2011

Rhode Island: " ...light the windows in these places let through... "

Rhode Island are a band from Leeds, UK. Just had a brief listen and that was enough to pass along this stream of their new record.

Light The Windows In These Places Let Through by rhodeislandband

Jason Bajada: "Down With The Protest" Video

"Down With The Protest" by Jason Bajada
Lined up your crosshair
Never thought anything of it
Your urgency is waning
I was down with your protest, once when you wanted

I never feel anymore
I never laugh at your jokes & tired punchlines
I’d never call you without a raincoat

The flood’s too strong for my arms
I know there’s no need to wallow here
In our past
Yes, you left far too fast
I’d rather bee careful

Lined up your deadweight
Build a dam, 2 years of silence
Frustration is waning
I was down with the protest, once when you wanted
I was down with your protest until I forgot how to speak

I never feel anymore
I never look at your face in photographs
I’d never call you without a raincoat

The flood’s too strong for my arms
I know there’s no need to wallow here
In our past
Yes, you left far too fast
I’d rather bee careful

Sep 12, 2011

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: September 12th

three mile pilot
what's in the air

canon blue
indian summer (des moines)

explosions in the sky
welcome, ghosts
look into the air

edge of the flood

two silver trees

melody day


Mp3s courtesy of temporary residence, city slang, and tapete records.

BONUS: Tom Waits - "Strange Weather"

Sep 11, 2011

Video: William Shatner "Rocket Man" + Stream: "Fuck You"

William Shatner - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

William Shatner - Fuck You

Sep 10, 2011

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: September 10th

from bubblegum to sky
hello hello hi
the falcon

sebastian grainger & the mountains
american names
two gallants
the hand that held me down
bright eyes
eric bachmann
carrboro woman
the faint
the rural alberta advantage
don't haunt this place
frank, AB

mp3s courtesy of eenie meenie records and saddle creek records.

Sep 6, 2011

Feist To Present 'METALS' at CBC's Glenn Gould Studio

On October 8th Feist will be joined by special guests Mocky, Jeff Tweedy, Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear), Bry Webb (The Constantines), Doug Paisley, Joel Gibb and more.

With her upcoming record Metals to be released on Arts & Crafts October 4 fans from across Canada can win the opportunity to visit Toronto for this unique performance celebrating it's release.

Portions of the concert will be broadcast during CBC’s 75th anniversary celebrations November 2nd on Radio 2 at 7PM. CBC Radio will also broadcast an exclusive video interview with Feist conducted with Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65), host of Drive on CBC Radio 2 on October 4th as part of CBC Radio 2’s Feist Day.

The only way to get tickets to the show is to win them.

Contests will be announced September 6 with tickets given away via online and on air properties.

CBC Radio listeners can win a package that includes airfare, hotel accommodations and two tickets to the October 8th show by sending in their answer to the following question:

“Tell us about the band or musician that you discovered thanks to the CBC.”

Enter to win here.

Winners will be announced on September 26 On CBC Radio 2 Drive.

Sep 4, 2011

Monthly Spotlight: Francis

From Dalarna in central Sweden, the band Francis is singer Petra Mases (Vocals, Piano), Jerker Henriksson (Guitars, Backing vocals), Petter Nygårdh (Drums), and Tim Grundtman (Bass, Backing vocals). With only two and a half months past since the release of their first full length record, Lekomberg, We Were Kin, the band is still working at getting noticed outside of Sweden. And I know you'll agree that all it'll take is people hearing this collection of songs. Francis may have the tasty and restrained musicianship of skilled players, but it's the human touch lent by Petra Mases' vocals that lights up the room. Even while toiling in the towering shadow cast by vocal greats such as Patsy Cline, Mases still casts enough throaty light to stand out.

1. Ten Thousand Times
2. Colossus
3. Judgment Day
4. Eternal Souls
5. Here Is The Key
6. Time On Our Side [MP3]
7. Until I Come Back Again
8. I Was Never Bored At All

Aug 24, 2011

Bon Iver & James Blake: “Fall Creek Boys”

Blake and Vernon meet at this past SXSW in Austin, Texas and worked up a few tracks. This one is interesting, but just not my cup of tea. Yet, it can't be ignored, especially the barking dog, or whatever that was. Woof!

“Fall Creek Boys”

Lyrics: Tom Waits "Bad As Me"

Tom Waits' first all new studio album in seven years will see it's way to stores on October 25th. Titled, Bad As Me (not Bad Ass Me), this one not only grinds and clanks (in a most musical way) it also honks like a drunk goose in a black Borsalino and Cuban heels. Go here to hear what I mean.

"Bad As Me"
You’re the head on the spear
You’re the nail on the cross
You’re the fly in my beer
You’re the key that got lost
You’re the letter from Jesus on the bathroom wall
You’re Mother Superior in only a bra
You’re the same kind of bad as me

I’m the hat on the bed
I’m the coffee instead
The fish or cut bait
I’m the detective up late
I’m the blood on the floor
The thunder and the roar
The boat that won’t sink
I just won’t sleep a wink
You’re the same kind of bad as me

No good you say
Well that’s good enough for me

You’re the wreath that caught fire
You’re the preach to the choir
You bite down on the sheet
But your teeth have been wired
You skid in the rain
You’re trying to shift
You’re grinding the gears
You’re trying to shift
And you’re the same kind of bad as me

They told me you were no good
I know you’ll take care of all my needs
You’re the same kind of bad as me

I’m the mattress in the back
I’m the old gunnysack
I’m the one with the gun
Most likely to run
I’m the car in the weeds
If you cut me I’ll bleed
You’re the same kind of bad as me
You’re the same kind of bad as me

Aug 23, 2011

Ryans Adams "Lucky Now" MP3 Stream

Listening to Ryan Adams' single from his upcoming release, Ashes & Fire, I had a thought I'd never had before while listening to Adams... he has that same gift which Wilco's Jeff Tweedy possesses, an honest voice. When Tweedy sings I believe everything he says and I feel the same about Adams while listening now. In fact, I think Adams and Tweedy should team up, for one song, at least. Honest.

Ryan Adams - Lucky Now by theaudioperv

Video: General Fiasco "The Age That You Start Losing Friends"

Just found this in my inbox and had to post the video so you could hear this. This is some great hooky guitar rock, I want to hear more. No, in fact, I need to hear more... now.

Tom Waits: "Bad As Me" Stream

Bad As Me, Tom Waits' upcoming release, will hit stores and online sites late October, but his first single, the title track, has already been released. Give it a listen and then buy it because you love it.

"Bad As Me"

Bad As Me Track List:
01. Chicago
02. Raised Right Men
03. Talking At The Same Time
04. Get Lost
05. Face To The Highway
06. Pay Me
07. Back In The Crowd
08. Bad As Me
09. Kiss Me
10. Satisfied
11. Last Leaf
12. Hell Broke Luce
13. New Year's Eve

Catalog Number: 87151
Release Date US: 2011-10-25
Release Date EU: 2011-10-24
Formats: CD,LP,Digital

Video: Jenn Grant "Getcha Good"

Live at Honest Ed's (a Toronto institution... a shopping institution)

Jenn Grant - “Getcha Good”
Director - Southern Souls
Album - Honeymoon Punch
Label - Six Shooter Records

From her 2006 album Orchestra for the Moon
dreamer [MP3]

Aug 22, 2011

Bjork: 'Biophilia' Preview "Mooon"

Here's an early preview of Biophilia's opening track, "Moon". Hitting shelves on September 27 (along with the new Wilco), that upcoming Tuesday is shaping up to be a bit draining on music lover's wallets, but it's only money... splurge.

Video: Wilco's Jeff Tweedy - Acoustic 'The Whole Love' Preview

Here's Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy giving us an acoustic preview of The Whole Love track "Dawned on Me".

The Whole Love will be released on dBpm Records on September 27.

Video: Timber Timbre "Bad Ritual"

Timber Timbre - “Bad Ritual”
Director - Olivier Groulx
Album - Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin’ On
Label - Arts & Crafts

"Black Water" [MP3]

The Decemberists: Video Premiere "Calamity Song"

The Decemberist's have just unveiled a video for their great tune "Calamity Song" off their most recent release The King Is Dead.

Watch now...

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 22nd

home by saturday
my morning jacket
can you see the hard helmet on my head?

move = move
eric matthews
little 18
photon band
thinkin' boutchoo

horse shoes
changing winds
white wishes
come and say hello

run from safety
the mohawk lodge
wear 'em out

mp3s courtesy of badman recording co., empyrean records, shelflife records, and white whale records.

Aug 21, 2011

Video: Spoon Interviews Howie Weinberg

Britt Daniel and Jim Eno of Spoon interviewing mastering engineer Howie Weinberg, who mastered their album, Transference. Funny stuff, in an inside kinda way. You can tell the guys in Spoon think he's hilarious and want to share that with everyone else.

So, here's a demo of "Utilitarian" that Britt Daniel came across while packing up his stuff to move. Maybe he came across this video as well, since it was recorded a year and a half ago.

utilitarian (demo)

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 21st

david fridlund
april & may

sufjan stevens
i walked
henney buggy
get real get right

royal city
a belly was made for wine

christopher smith
gently gently

empty-hall sing-along


alexi murdoch
towards the sun

wye oak

ian love
old enough

mp3s courtesy of city slang, boompa, asthmatic kitty, parasol, and limekiln records.

Aug 20, 2011

Kathryn Calder: Solo Album Due Oct. 25th

On Oct. 25, 2011, Kathryn Calder (New Pornographers, Immaculate Machine) will see her sophomore solo effort released on indie label File Under: Music. What you'll hear is a huge shift in sound for Calder. Bigger, more complex, adding this to the clean simplicity of her previous solo effort kicks everything up a notch.

"Who Are You?" - Kathryn Calder [mp3]

Bright and Vivid Tracklist
One, Two, Three
Who Are You?
Turn A Light On
Walking In My Sleep
All The Things
Right Book
New Frame Of Mind
City Of Sounds
Five More Years
Younger Than We’ve Ever Been

Aug 19, 2011

Radiohead: 'The King Of Limbs' From The Basement Full Video

I guess I missed this the other day on Radiohead's youtube channel.

"You may have been waiting for this for some time, but here it is in full for a limited time only. Radiohead performing their latest album 'The King Of Limbs' with From The Basement. Produced by Nigel Godrich and featuring Clive Deamer and additional musicians, the band perform the 8 tracks from The King Of Limbs, as well as Staircase and The Daily Mail."

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: 'Mirror Traffic' Full Album Stream

» Launch/PopUp NPR Player

Check out the latest video from SM & The Jicks here.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: "No One Is (As I Are Be)" Video

The new album for Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks is due next Tuesday, August 23rd, on Matador Records. Titled Mirror Traffic, word has been spreading recently that the record was to be called LA Guns. I think that's probably just to generate more press for the release and it's working. A better title would be LA Guns and Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. OK, maybe not.

Here's a new vid to help generate more press on the record, which happens to sound damn fine (thanks, Hector) with help from Beck Hansen.

Aug 15, 2011

Jeff Mangum Live in Toronto: Stream + MP3

Jeff Mangum played historic live venue Trinity St. Paul's on Saturday night (August 13th, 2011) and youtube user br0wnstar has uploaded audio of two Neutral Milk Hotel songs Mangum performed.

I've ripped the audio of "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea", so download away.

Jeff Mangum - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Live in Toronto, 2011) by

Wilco Giving Away Custom Built Bicycle

Wilco has a group of bonuses and prizes available to those who pre-order upcoming release The Whole Love.

*an instant Mp3 download of the album track "I Might".
*a free Mp3 download of the entire album on release day (September 27)
*entry to weekly drawings (including signed albums, a completely restored 1955 single speed bicycle
*tickets to sold out shows, a Polaroid camera and photos taken by the band, and more.
*AUG 11 prize - Surprise Grab Bag of Wilco Items. See a full list of prizes HERE

The most desirable is the one-of-a-kind bicycle. Go here to read an interview with the man who built the bike.

Wilco, Live in 2001/2011 by rrfellis

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 15th

Eyes Sharp as Claws
fresh blood
that look you give that guy
mp3s courtesy of vagrant.

mates of state
david bazan
wolves at the door
ra ra riot
mp3s courtesy of barsuk.

the shins
know your onion!
phantom limb
kissing the lipless
mp3s courtesy of sub pop.

Aug 14, 2011

Mavis Staples and Win Butler: "The Weight"

This weekend at the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler got to sing with the legend Mavis Staples during her band's rendtition of the classic "The Weight". If you can't wait, jump ahead to the 2:52 mark for Mr. Butler.

Wilco: 'The Whole Love': Teaser Video

This is definitely a heavy taste (the song is "Art of Almost") of what will be heard on Wilco's eighth release, The Whole Love. Their first self-released record on brand spanking new label dBpm Records, mark September 27th on your calendar.

At the clip's end you see a very, very tired Pat Sansone and a very hungry (and Bruce Lee obsessed) Jeff Tweedy.

Here's "I Might" the second track on the record.

Wilco - I Might

Bjork: Virus: Lyrics + Stream

Bjork's upcoming record, Biophilia, will be released September 27th. After earlier previews of tracks "Crystalline" and "Cosmogony", I have to say this new song is my favourite.

Like a virus needs a body
As soft tissue feeds on blood
Some day I’ll find you, the urge is here

Like a mushroom on a tree trunk
As the protein transmutates
I knock on your skin, and I am in

The perfect match, you and me
I adapt, contagious
You open up, say welcome

Like a flame that seeks explosives
As gunpowder needs a war
I feast inside you, my host is you

The perfect match, you and I
You fail to resist
My crystalline charm

Like a virus, patient hunter
I’m waiting for you, I’m starving for you

My sweet adversary
My sweet adversary
My sweet adversary

Aug 12, 2011

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 12th

dusty cat
fruit bats
tangie and ray
the ruminant band
my unusual friend
silent life
lives of crime
a bit of wind
slipping through the sensors
mp3s courtesy of subpop

amanda mair

arctic hymn
the kiss

pelle carlberg
i love you, you imbecile

the radio dept
never follow suit
heaven's on fire
why won't you talk about it?
mp3s courtesy of labrador records

Feist: How Come You Never Go There: Stream + Lyrics

Here is the first real feel for what Feist will deliver on her upcoming release, Metals. Out October 4th, on Arts & Crafts, the pre-release frenzy has been going for weeks now with teaser (annoying) videos, but that has been eclipsed by audio of the first single slipping out late Thursday night.

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]
"How Come You Never Go There"

1 The Bad In Each Other
2 Graveyard
3 Caught A Long Wind
4 How Come You Never Go There
5 A Commotion
6 The Circle Married The Line
7 Bittersweet Melodies
8 Anti-Pioneer
9 Undiscovered First
10 Cicadas And Gulls
11 Comfort Me
12 Get It Wrong Get It Right

These are the lyrics. Perhaps someone with more time could finish them off for me.

How come you never go there?
How come I'm so alone there?
How come you never go there?
How come I'm so alone there?

I went up to your window
lightning banging on the cymbals
I looked into the light
came storming to your eyes

my horse had worked the fields too long
my bear had lost his innate calm
it's true enough x x
x x x x x x

our love is not the light it was
when i walk inside the dark come come
where we look for where it went
it's only echos in the melody x x x

how come you never go there
how come i'm so alone there


how come you never go there
how come i'm so alone there

waste time and blame a week without
waste energy i'm too x x x
we're living proof we gotta let go
and stop looking through the lay low

you carry on as if our time is through
you carry on as if i don't love you
and so we find the way x x x
to cover x x x without a doubt now

the rooms full our eyes are empty
like the letters never sent me
x x x x x
you're an instrumental too



how come you never go there
how come i'm so alone there

how come you never go there
how come i'm so alone there

how come you never go there
how come i'm so alone there

how come you never go there
how come i'm so alone there

... to be continued?

Aug 10, 2011

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 10th

thao & mirah
how dare you
the thermals
not like any other feeling
mp3s courtesy of kill rock stars.

fucked up
hidden world
jets to brazil
you are having the time of my life
mp3s courtesy of jade tree.

bishop allen
click click click click
frog eyes
lear in love
the tallest man on earth
like the wheel
mp3s courtesy of dead oceans.

Aug 8, 2011

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 8th

Cairo says hi.

fleet foxes
grown ocean
helplessness blues
white winter hymnal

wolf parade
ghost pressure
language city
call it a ritual

beach house
zebra (UK edit)

iron and wine
belated promise ring
woman king
lion's mane

the twilight singers
on the corner
blackbird and the fox

All mp3s courtesy of Sub Pop.

Beirut: 'The Rip Tide' Full Album Stream

The Rip Tide is Beirut's third album and while each is different they all bear a vintage patina... all mixed up in a territory between new songs by an old soul and old songs by a new soul. Bandleader Zach Condon croons in a high murky vibrato, a voice that would sound highly misplaced singing anything but music with significant ties to the past such as that of Beirut.

Listen to The Rip Tide (out on August 30th) courtesy of NPR.

» Launch/PopUp NPR Player

Aug 5, 2011

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 5th

electric owls when i was a flood
reptar stuck in my id
james vincent mcmorrow if i had a boat
pj harvey written on my forehead
the hold steady hurricane j
black rebel motorcycle club beat the devil's tattoo
edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros 40 day dream
stars fixed

MP3s courtesy of Vagrant Records.

Aug 4, 2011

Pepper Rabbit: 'Red Velvet Snow Ball' Pre-Release Stream

Pepper Rabbit's latest album is out on Kanine Records, August 9th. Here's a preview and a chance to let me know how you feel about the record in the comments. Yeah, good luck with that (i'm talking to myself here), I've been blogging long enough to know comments are more rare than Dodo birds.

If you do like it, go here.

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 4th

james vincent mcmorrow red dust (unreleased - daytrotter session)
bon iver flume (live 9:30 club - august 2/11)
tv on the radio killer crane
brown bird fingers to the bone
camille baby carni bird
sloan green gardens, cold montreal
dean wareham & britta phillips forever

Aug 3, 2011

Bon Iver: "Creature Fear" MP3 Black Cab Session

I'd forgotten all about the Black Cab Sessions. Their slogan is "One song. One take. One cab." It's simple, they get Weezer, or Bon Iver, or Beach House in one of those famous London Black Cabs and drive around while one song is played and recorded on video.

It's been going several years I'd guess and there are dozens of artists on the site. Au Revoir Simone, The Flaming Lips, Grizzly Bear, The Walkmen, Ryan Adams, Lambchop, Calexico, Mumford and Sons, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab For Cutie (not sure but this one might be kind of scary, seeing how it's in a cab and Ben Gibbard is considered cute by Zooey Deschanel), and many more.

Thanks to twentyfourbit for reminding me of this site in his post about the sessions coming to the US (perhaps they should head up to Canada, as well).

Don't miss out on this post on Bon Iver's concert last night in DC. Stream the entire show, download it, or grab two mp3s from the show.

Here's Bon Iver playing "Creature Fear" in a Black Cab Session (download the song via the downward arrow on the right of the player). Visit the site and you'll find the video of Justin Vernon in the back of a Black Cab.

Bon Iver - Creature Fear (black cab session) by

Bon Iver: Live at The 9:30 Club: Aug. 2nd

Last night Bon Iver played their second night in a row at Washington DC's 9:30 Club and NPR were there to webcast the performance live on the air. Here's the first song played and the first old number hauled out on this tour in support of Bon Iver's latest album, which is self-titled.

Bon Iver - Creature Fear (live August 2/2011) by

Bon Iver - Perth (live August 2/2011) by

STREAM the entire show in this player or visit the NPR page to download the entire thing.

» Launch/PopUp NPR Player

Minnesota, WI
Creature Fear
Hinnom, TX
Brackett, WI
Blood Bank
Who Is It (Bjork cover)
Re: Stacks
Wolves (Act I and II)

Skinny Love
For Emma

Aug 2, 2011

FEIST: 'METALS' Cover Revealed, Track List, TOUR DATES‏

This is the third video in a series leading up to the October 4th release of Feist's Metals. August 3, fans can pre-order Metals as well as bundle the album in multiple formats with tickets for the first round of European and North American tour dates.

Metals Track List
1 The Bad In Each Other
2 Graveyard
3 Caught A Long Wind
4 How Come You Never Go There
5 A Commotion
6 Bittersweet Melodies
7 Anti Pioneer
8 Undiscovered First
9 Cicadas And Gulls
10 Woe Be
11 Comfort Me
12 Get It Wrong, Get It Right

Tour Dates

















Feist by Arts & Crafts

Monthly Spotlight: Marco Mahler

I've known of Marco's music for several years and it dumbfounds me that he hasn't made much more noise online and in print. I tried to put him over the top, but I guess I don't have the pull I wish I had. There are two albums to seek out, first his debut Design in Quick Rotation and then the follow-up Laptop Campfire Speed.

Here is what I wrote in my review of his debut on my first blog, Sixeyes.

Marco Mahler’s vocals may lean more towards a conspiratorial whisper than a shouted ‘hey-look-at-me’, but it’s his music that rises above that charismatic whisper to snag your ear. Acoustic guitar lines cut through all else, crisscrossing, blooming, like kaleidoscopic patterns in tracks like the instrumental “Hike The Lake”. And yet it’s that very voice, that calming, quiet voice delivering Mahler’s abstract lyrics, that’s the perfect foil to the penetrating acoustic guitar. Although all this isn’t in sacrifice to melody, he does wield a number of strong melodies that will lodge like an arrow in your heart. “Orange Chinese Car” softly thumps like a basketball about to be taken hard to the hoop, while “Study Airports” is an anti-lullaby, a song to wake up to rather than deliver the lulling. Design in Quick Rotation is a surprisingly well-crafted debut from a man who, not surprisingly, is also a sculptor.

There's an undeniable laid back charisma always on display. Tell me there isn't.

Listen to his latest release in the top right sidebar and visit his bandcamp page to listen to his debut (and to buy both).

"Hike The Lake" is from Design In Quick Rotation.
Marco Mahler - Hike The Lake by Bad Panda Records

Blitzen Trapper Announce Tour Dates

Blitzen Trapper head out this fall with Dawes on a co-headlining tour, all dates below. Spinning around the continent beginning in California and winding up there, it's all in support of American Goldwing, Blitzen Trapper's upcoming record out September 13th on Sub Pop. Supporting will be Smoke Fairies for one half and The Belle Brigade the other.

There will be a limited ticket pre-sale beginning Aug. 5th at 10am EST.

Pre-order Blitzen Trapper's American Goldwing at or

TOUR DATES - more dates will be added soon, so don't fret Montreal, Winnipeg, etc., maybe they'll hit more than just Toronto and Vancouver.

October 7th Petaluma, CA
October 8th Santa Barbara, CA
October 9th Solana Beach, CA
October 10th Phoenix, AZ
October 13th Dallas, TX
October 14th Utopia, TX
October 15th Baton Rouge, LA
October 18th Atlanta, GA
October 19th Nashville, TN
October 20th Louisville, KY
October 21st Asheville, NC
October 22nd Chapel Hill, NC
October 24th Washington, DC
October 26th New York, NY
October 27th Philadelphia, PA
October 28th Boston, MA
October 30th Toronto, ON
November 1st Cleveland, OH
November 2nd Grand Rapids, MI
November 3rd Chicago, IL
November 4th Minneapolis, MN
November 7th Boulder, CO
November 10th Vancouver, BC
November 11th Seattle, WA
November 13th Eugene, OR
November 15th San Francisco, CA

Blitzen Trapper - Heaven And Earth by subpop

Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: August 2nd

A.C. Newman
“Miracle Drug”
“Drink To Me Babe, Then”

Ted Leo
Even Heroes Have To Die

The Sun Smells Too Loud
Folk Death 95

Rattled By The Rush


The Donkeys
Don't Know Who We Are

MP3s courtesy of Matador Records and Dead Oceans.

Video: My Morning Jacket: "Holdin Onto Black Metal"

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Aug 1, 2011

Lykke Li: "Jerome" Acoustic Session

Lykke Li's latest, Wounded Rhymes is a favourite. So, I grabbed this version of "Jerome" as fast as I could.

Thanks to Visit the site for a video of this performance.

Lykke Li - Jerome (acoustic) by

The Shins: Tour Update

If you're on The Shins mailing list you may have found this in your inbox:

The Shins have added a handful of intimate club shows in addition to the previously announced festival headline slots at Outside Lands in San Francisco and Philadelphia's Popped!

For a limited time, we're offering an exclusive presale to email list subscribers. Presale begins Aug 1st at 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST.

To purchase tickets, please visit

username: theshins
password: birdsnest

For this tour, setlist will likely feature material from the long awaited fourth Shins album, which James Mercer will complete following the tour. Due out next year on Aural Apothecary/Columbia, the new album will be the band's first since 2007's Grammy-nominated gold-certified Wincing The Night Away.

Australia by theshins

Howler: "I Told You Once" MP3 from Debut EP

Minneapolis band, Howler, are Jordan Gatesmith (vocals / guitar), Ian Nygaard (guitar), France Camp (bass), Max Petrek (keyboard) and Brent Mayes (drums). Currently in the studio working on their full-length they'll be supporting The Vaccines' UK tour later this year.

Today their debut EP, This One's Different, was released on Rough Trade Records.

From the EP comes this song "I Told You Once" with the kind of power and verve you'd expect from a Minneapolis band. I love the driving acoustic guitar rhythm.

Visit their band site for tour dates beginning in September.

Stream the song or download by supplying your email.

Death Cab For Cutie Announce Fall Tour

Death Cab For Cutie have announced their fall tour schedule in support of their latest, Codes and Keys. Sharing the stage will be Telekinesis, Explosions in the Sky, The Head and the Heart, and The Hold Steady... see the band’s tour schedule below.

Pre-sale tickets for all dates except the Key Arena show will be available to fan club members starting Wednesday, August 3rd.What remains will go on sale to the general public starting Friday, August 5th.

Death Cab For Cutie 2011 Tour Dates

08/01 – Boston, MA @ Bank of America Pavilion $
08/02 – Brooklyn, NY @ Williamsburg Waterfront $
08/05 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Mann Center $
08/06 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE $
08/07 – Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion $
08/08 – Cary, NC @ Koka Booth Ampitheatre $
08/10 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena $
08/11 – Alpharetta, GA @ Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre $
08/12 – New Orleans, LA @ Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena $
08/13 – Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theater $
08/15 - Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre $
08/16 – La Jolla, CA @ RIMAC Arena $
08/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre $
08/19 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre $
08/20 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Pool $
08/22 – West Valley City, UT @ Maverik Center $
08/23 – Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Ampitheatre $
08/25 – Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion $
08/26 – St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium $

09/30 – Cincinnati, OH @ PNC Pavilion *
10/01 – Champaign, IL @ University of Illinois – Assembly *
10/02 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant *
10/05 – Memphis, TN @ Mud Island Ampitheatre *
10/06 – Birmingham, AL @ Alabama Theatre *
10/07 – Jacksonville, FL @ Florida Theatre *
10/08 – Sunrise, FL @ Langerado Music Festival
10/10 – Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless Theatre *
10/11 – Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall *
10/15 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl #
10/16 – San Francisco, CA @ Treasure Island Music Festival
10/18 – Boise, ID @ Taco Bell Arena ^
10/20 – Portland, OR @ Portland Memorial Coliseum ^
10/21 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena ^
10/22 – Seattle, WA @ Key Arena !

$ = w/ Frightened Rabbit
* = w/ Telekinesis
# = w/ Explosions in the Sky
^ = w/ The Hold Steady
! = w/ The Head and the Heart

An old DCFC favourite:
Death Cab For Cutie "Transatlanticism" by Barsuk Records

Sons and Daughters Announce Autumn Tour + Next Single

From Domino Records:

Kicking off with two Scottish dates, the autumn tour includes a show at London’s Heaven and coincides with the release of the second single from their critically acclaimed album Mirror Mirror produced by fellow Glaswegian JD Twitch. "Red Rose" will be released on October 17th.

Mirror Mirror marks a return to the band’s earlier works, abandoning elements of their signature "full on punk rock guitar” and introducing a more electronic feel. The quartet’s fourth album Mirror Mirror received 4 star reviews across the music monthlies, describing the album as “A punk-blues thriller” and “a brilliantly bloodthirsty record”.

Tickets for the forthcoming dates are on sale now and available from the following outlets:
19th – Tunnels, ABERDEEN –
20th – Fat Sams, DUNDEE –
21st – Cockpit, LEEDS –
22nd –Fleece, BRISTOL –
23rd – Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER –
26th – Heaven, LONDON –
28th – ABC, GLASGOW –

From Mirror Mirror - downloadable MP3
Sons & Daughters - Silver Spell by DominoRecordCo

Youth Lagoon: "July" MP3

Youth Lagoon is Trevor Powers, a kid I hadn't listened to until this morning. Instant impression is one of... uh, annoyance. The echoing up out of a well vocals, the whine that follows when he climbs into falsetto. Not liking this much.

You decide yourself:

"July" from The Year of Hibernation, Youth Lagoon's debut album, out September 27 in North America (Fat Possum) and Europe ( Lefse).

July by

Daytrotter Session: James Vincent McMorrow

I've been a fan of McMorrow's for a while now and was pleased to find him on Daytrotter this morning.

Give a listen to his exclusive session at Daytrotter and take a gander at his tour dates here and a previous post here.

He performed four songs, two from his acclaimed debut (Early In The Morning - Jan. 25th 2011) and, as a treat, two unreleased tracks.

Set List:
This Old Dark Machine
Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree
Red Dust
We Are Ghost

Arcade Fire: 'The Suburbs' Deluxe Edition - Stream

It's been 364 days since Arcade Fire's Grammy winning effort, The Suburbs, arrived on the shelves of stores. It's been a groundbreaking year for the band and for it's stellar label, Merge Records. To celebrate, a special edition of the album arrives tomorrow with new, unreleased tracks "Culture War", "Speaking in Tongues" w/David Byrne, and an extended version of “Wasted Hours.”

More here and more streaming of the entire record here.

"Speaking In Tongues"

"Culture War"

Panda Bear: 'Tomboy' Tour LIVE 7/3/11

Here, courtesy of NPR, is Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) performing with guest Peter Kember (a.k.a. Sonic Boom) at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, N.Y. It's only three songs, not sure why, maybe Panda Bear could answer that.

You Can Count On Me
Slow Motion

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Hipstereo's MP3 Player Mix: #2

Chad VanGaalen - Cries Of The Dead
Chad VanGaalen - Willow Tree
The Deep Dark Woods - All The Money I Had Is Gone
The Deep Dark Woods - Hang Me Oh Hang Me
Jenn Grant - Dreamer
Julie Doiron - No More
Nathan Lawr - Righteous Heart
Jim Bryson - All The Fallen Leaves
FemBots - Good Days
Aidan Knight - Jasper

All mp3s courtesy of Killbeat Music.