Jun 25, 2011

James Vincent McMorrow

Sometimes I wonder if artists like James Vincent McMorrow and Taylor Kirk a.k.a. Timber Timbre, seek out the mood and atmosphere that oozes from their music, or is it just an offshoot of having a distinctive and captivating voice. Dublin's McMorrow is the polar opposite of Canadian Timber Timbre's gloomy creeping chamber folk. Where Kirk's vocals echo from a six sided wooden box, McMorrow is tougher to draw a bead on. There's the soft grit of a lonely heart caught in his throat, there's also a distance there, as if the man and voice are somehow apart, hard to imagine they could be tied together. The beauty is obvious, but not quite as pure and exhilirating as Buckley, there's something soft, warm and sweet getting in the way. If Buckley sang with sugar cubes melting in his mouth perhaps, less pure, less ringing of bells and more salty wind rustling in the grass. The perfect soundtrack to listen to while driving to the beach on a cool, heavy-clouded day.

Early In The Morning [Jan. 25th 2011] BUY
If I Had A Boat
Hear The Noise That Moves So Soft And Low
Sparrow & The Wolf
Breaking Hearts
We Don't Eat
This Old Dark Machine
Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree
Down The Burning Ropes
From The Woods!
And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop
In The Morning, I'll Come Calling
We Are Ghosts

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