Aug 3, 2011

Bon Iver: "Creature Fear" MP3 Black Cab Session

I'd forgotten all about the Black Cab Sessions. Their slogan is "One song. One take. One cab." It's simple, they get Weezer, or Bon Iver, or Beach House in one of those famous London Black Cabs and drive around while one song is played and recorded on video.

It's been going several years I'd guess and there are dozens of artists on the site. Au Revoir Simone, The Flaming Lips, Grizzly Bear, The Walkmen, Ryan Adams, Lambchop, Calexico, Mumford and Sons, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab For Cutie (not sure but this one might be kind of scary, seeing how it's in a cab and Ben Gibbard is considered cute by Zooey Deschanel), and many more.

Thanks to twentyfourbit for reminding me of this site in his post about the sessions coming to the US (perhaps they should head up to Canada, as well).

Don't miss out on this post on Bon Iver's concert last night in DC. Stream the entire show, download it, or grab two mp3s from the show.

Here's Bon Iver playing "Creature Fear" in a Black Cab Session (download the song via the downward arrow on the right of the player). Visit the site and you'll find the video of Justin Vernon in the back of a Black Cab.

Bon Iver - Creature Fear (black cab session) by

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