Feb 4, 2013

Nick Cave: NEW Video "Jubilee Street" NSFW

 "Jubilee Street" is the second song shared from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds fifteenth studio album, Push The Sky Away, and Mr Cave had this to say about the video and actor Ray Winstone.
“It was a real pleasure hanging around the set and watching Ray do his thing. He is a master. What a great actor. And of course, working with my friend and collaborator John Hillcoat is always a blast.”
It's a song about a lonely man and a hungry girl and where they meet in the middle... down on "Jubilee Street". The song is sad and the music is swirling slowly... round and round and round... as these 'minor players in the minor key' live their shadowy lives.

The record will be unveiled February 18th on Bad Seed Ltd., the band's own label.

Thanks to Noisey

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