Feb 6, 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: 'Push The Sky Away' Album Review

On this the band's fifteenth album Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds step back from the edge of passionate rage they know so well, to simmer and stew throughout Push The Sky Away's nine songs. There isn't a track on the new record that knocks you down and straddles your chest like the seminal “Stagger Lee”, screaming in your sweaty face. The music on Push The Sky Away seeps into your skin on each listen, slowly building a darkened church inside the listener. Mr Cave and his Bad Seed cohorts whisper, scratch, and clatter from their well worn pulpit and as they often do, give us something to willingly embrace, if not ponder.

Release Date: Feb. 23rd

jubilee street [mp3]
Links to pre-order the record can be found here.

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