Jul 30, 2011

Cat Martino: "Yr Not Alone" Stream

Cat Martino is set to release her new album, Yr Not Alone, in the fall. With one release already behind her, The Sea Closet (August 2009), she has now moved on from it's piano and guitar based sound to what feeds the upcoming release, loops.

"One day I started to play with my guitarists’ pedal board through a microphone. Harmonizing is the most natural thing in the world for me, so… At first I thought I was combining opposites, but I soon heard the sounds complement each other. Besides, I love contradictions."

What I recall about this song when somehow, some way, something reminds me of it, is how the background vocals sound like a horn section. Or, like they're trying to recreate the warmest and softest horn section possible. That's how this song sounds: soft, warm, and floating.

Listen to Brooklyn-based musician, Cat Martino.

Yr Not Alone by Cat Martino

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